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Yaozhuang Tourism


Yaozhuang Hui Township was established in May 1985, covering an area of 7.2 square kilometers. It governs six administrative villages with a population of 10260 people, of which 55% are of Hui nationality.

Yaozhuang Hui nationality township has advantageous geographical location and rich tea culture. It is the North-South trade market of "Wanli Tea Road" and an important place for the development of national commerce and trade. In history, the intersection of land road and waterway is known as jiulongkou.

It is the hometown of food, mineral water and gold inlaid jade The township and the town of longevity are also the only Township contact point of the Economic Development Department of the National People's commission.

In recent years, focusing on the development goal of "creating a whole area leisure environment and developing the whole area leisure economy", the township vigorously develops the national cultural industry, and according to the working idea of "whole area tourism, all people participation, co construction and sharing, common prosperity, rural integration and craftsmanship construction".

it has been awarded the "national famous scenic tourism town" by focusing on the construction and development of "one road, one river, six districts and six parks" There are more than 200 honors at all levels, such as "National Health township", "national ecological township", "national model group of national unity and progress" and "China's beautiful leisure village".

  • Gold inlaid jade processing Industrial Park
  • Mineral water processing Industrial Park
  • Nongjia Tea Industrial Park
  • Rural Culture Exhibition Park
  • Weekend food garden
  • Garden Entertainment Industrial Park

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